TSCA training objectives

The knoell USA TSCA Training Series directs stakeholders to successfully navigate TSCA compliance for facilities that manufacture, process, export, import, distribute and store chemicals regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

Some law firms can help to navigate legal requirements once regulatory and compliance issues arise, but knoell USA, as a full service, global regulatory consulting company, assists you from the start to appropriately develop TSCA notifications along with reporting and record-keeping programs to successfully navigate the complex requirements of TSCA, eliminating compliance issues up-front.

The knoell USA TSCA Training Series will provide you with:

  • Interpretation of the amended TSCA law under the Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st century Act
  • How components of the new law translate into increased data requirements on the part of industry and require stronger supply chain communication
  • Expert knowledge on how to initiate, improve, or stay in compliance with TSCA regulations
  • Recommendations to improve internal reporting and recordkeeping processes
  • Insights into regulatory strategies and the optimal new chemical submission approach, PMN, SNUN, LVE, LOREX, TMEA and Polymer Exemptions
  • Regulatory and technical approaches to address EPA concerns for new chemicals under review or existing chemicals under consideration for risk assessment actions
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