Web-Seminars - Food Contact Material (FCM) Regulations in the EU

23 July, 2020 to 24 July, 2020

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Food contact material (FCM) regulations and compliance in key markets around the globe will be addressed in a series of ten Chemical Watch web-Seminars (two in July and eight to be held from mid-September). Regulatory expert Dr Ioan Paraschiv from knoell NL will guide you through all ten sessions.

The first two web-Seminars will focus on EU regulations...

23 July: EU Regulations on Food Contact Materials & Compliance

24 July: Regulations on non-harmonised Food Contact Material and Compliance in EU Member States

...while the sessions later this year will focus on Switzerland (not an EU Member State), the US, China, Canada, the Mercosur countries and Japan. Each session will be an hour and will allow time for questions from attendees.

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