Taiwan PECs List Announcement Will Be Delayed

2 January, 2018

Taiwan implemented the revision of the Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (TCSCA) on 11 December 2014, in which the framework of existing chemical substance registration is stipulated. In principle, the registration of existing chemical substance is a phase-in process which splits into Phase 1 and Phase 2 registration. Phase 1 registration of existing chemical substances including a pre-registration period from 1 September 2015 to 31 March 2016 and a late pre-registration after 31 March 2016. Phase 2 registration give responsibilities to companies engaged with manufacture/importation of PECs (Priority Existing Chemicals). PECs have been designated as a high priority in a tiered approach based on a risk matrix set up by the competent authority and therefore are required for rigorous "standard registration".

The first batch of registrations of toxic chemicals on promulgated lists of priority and designated toxic chemicals will take place from the beginning of 2018 through 2021, followed by the second batch of registrations from 2021 through 2024 and the third batch of registrations from 2024 through 2027.

In summary, there will be 3 batches PECs in total. The tonnage threshold for PECs standard registration is 1 t/a. The definition of the cut-off value of High Volume could vary based on it risk profiles and exposure scopes.

The most concerned of industries who are engaged with PECs issue is when the final version of the first batch of PECs will be officially released. Despite the draft of the first batch of PECs (which has been published in June 2017), it seems like substances in the draft related in broad areas, from petrochemical to printing and dyeing, from fine chemicals to flavours and fragrance, therefore, till now there are lots of discussions and confusions on the first batch of PECs list.

From the discussion with Taiwan officers, the latest situation of the PECs is the PECs list announcement will be delayed inevitably. Furthermore, there will be a series of public hearings organized by TCSB prior to the officially released of PECs. It is likely the final version of PECs will be released by the first quarter of the year 2018. For further information and support please contact Dr. He Xiaohua (xhe@knoell.com, +86 21 6199 2001).


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