SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting

18 April, 2018

Our dedicated team of Environmental Modelling Experts not only supports our clients with standard exposure modelling according to regulatory requirements, but also actively contributes to the development of new modelling approaches and builds bespoke higher tier solutions when required.

Latest results and developments in the areas of landscape modelling, parameter estimation, quantification of the efficiency of mitigation measures and groundwater monitoring will be presented at the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy, 13-17 May.


knoell Contributions [Link]

Work of a SETAC Group to Develop the Scientific Basis for Guidance for Regulatory Groundwater Monitoring of Crop Protection Products and their Metabolites in Europe (ID: 3, Session Room A, 14th May, 09:05 h)

Derivation of a foliar wash-off factor for FOCUS modelling based on literature research (ID: 61, Session Room A, 14th May, 11:25 h)

Spatial and temporal explicit catchment modelling in aquatic risk assessment using the modular framework CMF (ID: MO125, Exhibition Hall, 14th May)

Recalibration and cross-validation of pesticide trapping efficiency equations for vegetative filter strips (VFS) using additional experimental data (ID: MO129, Exhibition Hall, 14th May)

Identification of Herbicide Source Areas and Spatial Variability of Dominating Transport Processes in a High Agricultural Intensity Catchment (ID: MO137, Exhibition Hall, 14th May)

Influence of aquifer parameters on groundwater residue concentrations (ID: MO142, Exhibition Hall, 14th May)

Leaching and plant uptake of trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) under cropped outdoor conditions (ID: MO148, Exhibition Hall, 14th May)

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