Data acceptance in support of Pesticide registration in China – changes impacting applicants

8 December, 2017

Article 16 of the Regulation on management of Pesticide Registration (MoA Order No 3, applicable from August 1, 2017) sets out the criteria on the acceptance of studies to support pesticide registration  in China. According to the regulation:

a) Study reports will be accepted if: 1) are issued by an ICAMA-accredited test facilities or 2) from abroad test facilities which have mutual recognition agreement (MAD) with Chinese government;

b) Local data: efficacy, residues and environmental studies, as well studies to address Chinese-specific requirement (e.g. silkworm) must be conducted in China.


To be noted that under the afore-mentioned pesticide regulation, the following products are covered:

1. Plant protection products:

  • Chemical pesticide
  • Biopesticide
  • Microbial pesticide
  • Botanical pesticide

2. Pesticide for hygienic use (non-crop uses, comparable to biocidal insecticides in EU)


The new rules are likely to impact timelines for product registration in China and delay market-access plans. For further information and support please contact our Regulatory team in China (Dr. He Xiaohua,, +86 21 6199 2001).

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