China Drafted the Pesticide Residues in Crops Test Guidelines

1 December, 2017

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) draft the new "Guideline on Pesticide Residue Trials on Crops" (draft).

The proposed changes in the consultation draft from NY/T 788-2004 are as follows:

  • Adjusted the requirement on test locations and test plots
  • Adjusted the study design of terminal residue levels
  • Adjusted the study design of degradation dynamics
  • Adjusted the requirement on transportation and storage of samples
  • Adjusted the requirements on the detection method of residue analysis
  • Adjusted the requirements in Appendix A category of crops, sampling positions, and recommended sampling volumes
  • Deleted Appendix B field trial record table
  • Adjusted Appendix C template of study report
  • Added template of validation report

To improve the applicability and validity of the standard, comments are openly available. Any suggestions for revising shall be sent as the "opinion sheet" to the Residue Evaluation and Evaluation Branch of the Pesticide Bureau of the MOA at email address: by December 10.


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