Veterinary Medicine and Medical Devices

Not ready for clinical trials in the field of human and animal health? We’re here for you. Our toxicologists and scientists have the industry know-how to get your products and data ready for the next steps to market.

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Your partners through preclinical development

We keep ourselves at the frontiers of preclinical development. We design toxicology programs, make sure your documents are in proper order, and can even analyze PK, bioavailability, TK, and other samples in our analytical laboratory.  Our strategy is simple: we combine your needs with our rigorous industry knowledge to help you hit your product development targets. 

Diversity in expertise to support your market

From authoring investigator brochures to full IND and NDA packages, in addition to the services available through our analytical laboratory, we have you covered. And, when you’re ready, we’ll help you set up your clinical trials in a way that makes sense for you.  This means you can concentrate on what’s next: the future.   

Expert analyses for your pipeline

On-target timelines and high-quality data are crucial, and our scientists know what this means to you. No matter the stage of your compound, device, or pipline, our laboratory is ready to help. Specializing in preclinical and early-clinical analysis, our scientists and method development chemists bring the experience and efficiency needed to keep your projects on track.

A global network for medical devices

Our experts and specialists worldwide can help with your individual queries related to medical devices. Get in touch!